Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis by Marco Romoli

By Marco Romoli

This identify relies on 5000 auricular acupuncture observations made in either fit matters and in sufferers stricken by quite a few illnesses. The authors purpose is to supply physicians and therapists with an cutting edge diagnostic version, giving them the potential of a fuller realizing in their sufferers.

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15] Duvernoy H. The human brain stem and cerebellum. Wien: Springer; 1995. [16] Melzack R, Wall PD. Pain mechanism: a new theory. Science. 1965;150:971–9. [17] Sindou M, Quoex C, Baleydier C. Fiber organization at the posterior spinal cord rootlet junction in man. J Comp Neurol. 1974;20:391–408. [18] Head H, Holmes G. Sensory disturbances from cerebral lesions. Brain. 1911;34:102–254. [19] Farnarier G, Planche D, Rohner JJ. Blocage des affe´rences nociceptives par stimulation pe´riphe´rique percutane´e chez le chat.

They then reach the anterior cingulate cortex (area 24) and the close prefrontal cortex, adding to the precisely localized pure pain sensation, the emotional component characterizing suffering. B. Brainstem level. This is directly related to the auricle. As in the spinal cord, the sensory fibers have their first neuron within the cranial ganglions (trigeminal, geniculate, superior and inferior of IX and X) sending fibers to the brainstem nuclei (Plate IC). Three of them are of particular importance: First, the very long trigeminal nucleus divided into three different parts: l The caudal part is the spinal trigeminal nucleus with its pars caudalis originating within the cervical spinal cord mainly at C2/C3 level, corresponding to the part of the cervical plexus which supplies a large territory of the auricle.

11 Example of the ‘cranial’ type of ear: when the picture was taken the female patient was aged 66, her weight was 65 kg and her height was 165 cm (BMI ¼ 24). Now she is 78 years old and the only disorders developed during the intervening time are a gastro-esophageal reflux syndrome and a mild cognitive impairment. respectively. 12. 1. The second part of the research is probably the most interesting for this book. The authors searched for an association between the morphological type of the ear and the main pathological findings at autopsy.

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