Atlas of Musculoskeletal Imaging by Thomas Lee Pope

By Thomas Lee Pope

...uniquely demonstrates each side of the joints utilizing replicate photo perspectives on dealing with pages...also comprises the center zone of the extremities, the origins/insertions of significant muscle tissue, and a quick creation to every joint.

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Circumflex humeral a. & axillary n. coracobrachialis ill. latissimus dorsi m. Shoulder and Upper Extremity trapezius m. _ _ - 47 acromion supraspinatus m. sup. glenoid labrum suprascapular a. & n. glenoid biceps t. (long head) deltoid ffi. lesser tubercle subscapularis m. subscapularis t. post. circumflex humeral a. & axillary n. coracobrachialis m. latissimus dorsi m. 48 Atlas of Musculoskeletal Imaging clavicle trapezius m. acromioclavicular jt. sup. glenoid labrum supraspinatus t. supraspinatus m.

Acromion 39 supraspinatus m. coracoacromial lig. infraspinatus m. deltoid m. transverse humeral lig. biceps t. (long head) pectoralis major m. axillary a. & v. & brachial plexus humeral. head deltoid m. teres minor m. post circumflex humeral a. & axillary n. triceps m. (long head) coracobrachialis m. humerus teres major m. 40 Atlas of Musculoskeletal Imaging humeral head infraspinatus m. biceps t. (long head) deltoid m. deltoid m. humerus, neck triceps m. (long head) deltoid m. Shoulder and Upper Extremity 41 humeral head infraspinatus m.

Acromioclavicular jt. sup. glenoid labrum supraspinatus t. greater tubercle glenoid info glenoid labrum humeral head deltoid m. biceps t. (long head) subscapularis m. post. circumflex humeral a. brachial a. coracobrachialis m. SO Atlas of Musculoskeletal Imaging trapezius m. acromion supraspinatus ITI . supraspinatus m. sup. glenoid labrum deltoid m. suprascapular a. & n. greater tubercle glenoid humeral head info glenoid labrum deltoid m. subscapularis m. post. circumflex humeral a. & axillary n.

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