Apache: The Definitive Guide by c/o Rosemary Scoular

By c/o Rosemary Scoular

Up-to-date to hide the adjustments in Apache's most recent liberate, 2.0, in addition to Apache 1.3, this helpful consultant discusses the best way to receive, manage, safe, adjust, and troubleshoot the Apache software program on either Unix and home windows structures. as well as masking the install and configuration of mod_perl and Tomcat, the ebook examines Hypertext Preprocessor, Cocoon, and different new applied sciences which are linked to the Apache internet server

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The command is this: % kill 694 If ps -aux produces more printout than will fit on a screen, you can tame it with ps -aux | more hit Return to see another line or Space to see another screen. It is important to make sure that the Apache process is properly killed because you can quite easily kill a child process by mistake and then start a new copy of the server with its children and a different Config file or Perl scripts and so get yourself into a royal muddle. To get just the lines from ps that you want, you can use: 43 44 ps awlx | grep httpd On Linux: killall httpd Alternatively and better, since it is less prone to finger trouble, Apache writes its PID in the file ...

9 420 260 ?? 0 0 0 ?? 0 0 0 ?? 0 0 0 ?? 3 204 84 ?? 8 820 524 ?? 3 820 384 ?? 1 888 604 ?? 0 980 592 ?? 2 1304 936 ?? 7 2548 1968 ?? 0 2548 2044 ?? 0 2548 2044 ?? 0 2548 2044 ?? 0 2548 2044 ?? 0 2548 2044 ?? 00 COMMAND ps -aux /sbin/init -(pagedaemon) (vmdaemon) (syncer) adjkerntz -i syslogd /usr/sbin/portma inetd cron sendmail: accept /bin/sh /usr/loc /usr/local/libex -csh (csh) -csh (csh) -csh (csh) bash bash bash mince demo_test mince home httpd -d /u httpd -d /u httpd -d /u httpd -d /u httpd -d /u httpd -d /u To kill Apache, you need to find the PID of the main copy of httpd and then do kill the child processes will die with it.

You can get the same effect without any children being generated with this: running a single copy of Apache httpd -D ONE_PROCESS or: httpd -D NO_DETACH depending on the MPM used. The available flags for each MPM will be visible on running httpd with -?. 0 makes the following changes to module handling: • mod_auth_digest is now a standard module in v2. 3, has been replaced by mod_file_cache. 3 will not work with v2 since the API has been completely rewritten. See Chapter 20 and Chapter 21. 12 Making and Installing Apache v2 Under Unix Disregard all the previous instructions for Apache compilation.

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