Analytical Planning. The Organization of System by Thomas L. Saaty

By Thomas L. Saaty

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The family members agreed that size was strongly more important and therefore they entered the integer 5 in the corresponding cell; its reciprocal, or 1/5 was automatically entered for the reverse comparison. We have circled both of these judgments in Exhibit 3-5 to clarify the point. When several people participate, judgments are often debated and people are requested to justify their judgments with reasons or data to which they may have access. In these cases the debate focuses on the assumptions which underlie judgments rather than the judgments themselves.

I. - . 0 6 8 CR. I. CR. I. = . 1 2 4 CR. 000 CI. = CR. = Priority vector Financing A Β C A Β C 1 7 1/7 1 5 1/3 1/5 3 1 CI. CR. 396 \ 38 Analytical Planning house A out-performed the others on 4 of the 7 criteria in which there were no tie scores. The example also illustrates that one should take care before deciding to exclude certain criteria following the first set of calculations. 5. A Summary of Steps in the Α Η Ρ It will be useful to reiterate the steps followed in the ΑΗΡ. Particular steps may be followed more in some situations than in others.

Greater precision is expected from the eye because of its experience. 8. Group Judgments and Variable Judgments When a group participates in making a decision the question is how do we use these judgments in the process. After debate and concensus, it is possible to combine the different judgments to satisfy the reciprocal property. Thus whatever rule we use to combine the judgments and take the reciprocal of the outcome, it should coincide with what we get by combining the reciprocals of those judgments.

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