An Adultery: A Novel by Alexander Theroux

By Alexander Theroux

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The 3rd novel from acclaimed, award-winning Alexander Theroux is a darkly practical story of adultery set in modern New England. Christian Ford is a guy who's betrayed in an adulterous affair, purely to find that he himself betrayed a girl he enjoyed and deserted. during the tale, Christian makes an attempt to appreciate the dangerously paradoxical nature of human family members and to teach that adultery extends past mere actual infidelity.

Christian Ford is an artist who teaches at a brand new England prep institution; Farol Colorado is a gorgeous younger lady who works at an artwork gallery on the town. while the 2 start their affair, he has an "understanding" with one other lady, and Farol is married to her moment husband. Theroux's 3rd novel, after 3 Wogs and Darconville's Cat, describes the emerging and falling levels in their dating in nice mental aspect, targeting Farol's, and in addition Ford's, inconstancy. advised from Ford's aspect of view--in a distant and greater tone--the tale is still precise to its narrator's moving passions. Guilt, ardour and should are subject matters for Theroux's clever, unstinting research, elevating feedback of previous chroniclers of affection within the works of Nabokov and Flaubert. however the questions of no matter if Farol will go away her husband, of ways honest she is set the remainder of her existence (and how trustworthy an observer Ford is) are moderate fare for therefore broad an exam. finally, the obsessive narration and dearth of debate make for a studying adventure as dry and distant as Ford's adventure of love.

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