Americas Revolutionary Heritage by George Novack

By George Novack

A ancient materialist research of the genocide opposed to local american citizens, the yank Revolution, the Civil struggle, the increase of business capitalism, and the 1st wave of the struggle for women's rights.

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At the same time the colossal expansion of socialized production under capitalist auspices has given birth to a new mighty social power. This is the industrial working class, which is itself the principal force of production in modern economy. By its ideas, outlook, and actions, labor opens up an unrestricted historical horizon for humanity in the socialist future of the free and equal. The material prerequisites for this new form of production and collective life are taking shape within the capitalist structure itself.

This continent passed from the loose network of tribal communities into the hands of kings, landed proprietors, planters, merchants, capitalists, small farmers, and town dwellers who directed and composed the new society. The conflict between the Indian and the white is usually represented as essentially racial in character. It is true that their mutual antagonism manifested itself and was carried on by both sides under the guise of racial hatred. But their war to the death was at bottom a social struggle, a battle for supremacy between incompatible systems of production, forms of property, and ways of life.

Through the land allotment system the Bureau of Indian Affairs generously gave a small piece of the tribal lands to each Indian, declared the remainder "surplus," and sold or allotted it to the whites. Thus the last of the communal lands, with some exceptions, were broken up and absorbed into the system of private property and free enterprise. The insuperable opposition between the two social systems was equally evident on the side of the Indians in their determination to preserve their established ways.

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