Against all odds by Kiśora Śāntābāī Kāḷe

By Kiśora Śāntābāī Kāḷe

Autobiography of twentieth century Marathi writer.

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I watched them a nd wondered if my mother shared a sim ilar relationship with Nann. I believed that there was no other woman or wife in Ram csh kOlka's life except Sushecla m:lushi. He bore all the expenses of Kondiba aioba's household. ht Kondiba a bullock cart, had a well dug at the field and even bought a pump which was fitted into rhe well. H e did not drink and appeared to have no vices at all. So whenever Ramesh kaka came to Ner la, Ko ndiba ordered a chicken [0 be killed and cooked in honou r of the guest.

Now the whole famil y was together for the first time in many, many years. But Rai was missing. Everybodv mi ssed her so much that Jiji decided to go to Ne d a :"Ind fetch her. 78 AGAIN ST ALL OD D S 'Even if everybody dies she won't come,' j iji was wid. ' As soon as Jiji left, I went to the temple and promised Mhasoba, (Lord Shiva) that if Bai came. I would buy five rupees worth of sweets and distribute them to everybody. My little brother would also come with Ba i, and I could hardly co ntai n my excitement.

A thrashed one of the boys who laughed at me . I never missed class and worked hard. and soon Guruji was holding me up as an example to my classmates. J loved sc hooL • 47 1 AGAI~ST Chapter Four S oon after I started goi ng to school, Kondiba ajob;a sc nt off his daughters Rambha and Baby to learn dancing. Baby was his youngest daughte r and she used to do all the odd jobs around the house. She bought the groceries and tOok the wheat to the f10urm ill for grinding. H ouses in the village had floors made of mud and cowdung.

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