A Modest Proposal (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition) by Jonathan Swift

By Jonathan Swift

This version is written in English. even though, there's a working German glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of A Modest suggestion. This variation will be worthy for those who wou

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Hills: 丘陵. hope: 期望, 希望, 指望. joy: 乐趣, 快乐, 高兴, 喜悦. lord: 贵族, 洛德, 主人. mine: 矿, 我的, 矿山, 矿井. noble: 高贵, 高贵的, 贵族. present: 礼物, 现在, 这次, 呈送, 眼前, 当前, 当今, 出席的, 递交, 呈献, 出席. protest: 抗议. rough: 粗暴, 大概, 粗糙, 粗鲁. seem: 显得, 看来, 彷佛, 好象. short: 短, 矮, 小结, 短暂. sight: 视觉, 景象, 情景, 目光, 视力, 视线. stranger: 陌生人, 异乡人, 生人. sweet: 甜, 甜食, 糖果. theirs: 他们的. uneven: 不平的. wanting: 缺少的, 不足的. weary: 疲劳, 疲乏, 疲倦的. wild: 野, 猖披, 猖獗, 野生, 野性的. 52 King Richard II BOLINGBROKE. Of much less value is my company Than your good words. But who comes here?

Chinese Simplified advantage: 好处, 裨益, 优点. affairs: 事务. blank: 空白, 空白的, 空. coffers: 国库, 金库, 保险箱. degree: 程度, 度, 等级, 度数, 份儿, 学位. entreat: 恳求, 哀求. farm: 农场, 田间. furnish: 供给, 提供. grievous: 悲伤的. grown: 成长. highness: 高度, 高贵. leisure: 闲暇, 空闲. liberal: 自由派, 自由的, 慷慨. lies: 谎言. loss: 亏损, 损失. manage: 符合, 管理, 处理. news: 新闻, 信息, 消息. ourself: 我们自己. revenue: 收入, 岁入, 营收, 年入, 税收. reversion: 回复. send: 派遣, 派出, 送, 发送, 寄, 投, 派. sick: 生病. somewhat: 有些, 有所, 有点, 有一些, 有点儿. stand: 站住, 主张, 架子, 站立, 耐, 站, 架. subscribe: 订购, 订阅.

Lady: 女士, 夫人. nought: 零, 无. otherwise: 否则, 不然, 不然的话, 要不然, 要不, 要部然. parting: 临别的, 离别. rightly: 正确地. ripe: 熟, 成熟. shapes: 形状. shows: 显示. shrink: 收缩. sorrow: 悲哀, 悲伤. substance: 实体, 实质, 内容, 物质, 物体. thinking: 思想, 思维. trembles: 发抖. twenty: 二十. unborn: 未诞生的, 后代的, 未出生的, 未来的. weep: 哭泣. ] GREEN. God save your majesty! and well met, gentlemen: I hope the King is not yet shipp'd for Ireland. QUEEN. Why hop'st thou so? 'Tis better hope he is, For his designs crave haste, his haste good hope: Then wherefore dost thou hope he is not shipp'd?

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