A life of magic chemistry : autobiographical reflections by George A. Olah, Thomas Mathew

By George A. Olah, Thomas Mathew

The autobiography of a Nobel Prize winner, this e-book tells us approximately George Olah's interesting study into super robust superacids and the way it yielded the typical time period "magic acids." Olah courses us via his lengthy and memorable trip, from Budapest to Cleveland to l. a., with a stopover in Stockholm. This up-to-date autobiography of a Nobel Prize winner George A. Olah:

  • Chronicles the celebrated profession of a chemist whose paintings in a vast diversity of chemistry parts, and such a lot significantly that during methane chemistry, resulted in applied sciences that impression the processing and software of other fuels
  • Is in keeping with Olah's paintings on super robust superacids and the way they yielded the typical time period, "magic acids"
  • Details occasions because the ebook of the 1st variation in 2000
  • Inspires readers with information on Dr. Olah's winning fresh examine on methanol, meant to aid supply an answer to "the oil problem"

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Lewis to bring chemistry in line with the new physics. Their combined 34 ♦ A L I F E O F M A G I C C H E M I S T R Y concept also introduced the shared electron pair as the basis of chemical bonding. Sharing electrons was the glue, they said, that held molecules together. (It is regrettable that Lewis, unlike Langmuir, did not receive the Nobel Prize in recognition of his fundamental contributions). Lewis–Langmuir covalent electron pair bonding, combining two atoms by sharing two electrons (2e–2c bond) became a foundation of our understanding of chemical bonding.

It was my good fortune to realize that similar bonding is also possible in general with electrondeficient carbon (see Chapter 10). Kekul´e’s original concept that carbon can bind no more than four other atoms was thus extended into the new area of hypercarbon chemistry. Chemistry as it was realized substantially derives from the interaction of electrons. The electronic theory of chemistry, particularly of organic chemistry, emerged, explaining the great richness of chemical observations and transformation, as expressed by Ingold, Robinson (Nobel Prize in chemistry, 1947), Hammett, and many others following in their footsteps.

It also must be noted that the processes described by the alchemists going back to the thirteenth century were not considered to be miraculous or supernatural. They believed that the transmutation of base metals into gold could be achieved by their “art” in the laboratory. But even among the late Arabian alchemists, it was doubted whether the resources of the art were adequate to the task. In the West, Vincent of Beauvais already remarked that success had not been achieved in making artificial metals identical with the natural ones.

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