A history of ancient Israel : from the Patriarchs through by Eric H. Cline, Recorded Books

By Eric H. Cline, Recorded Books

Israel evokes myriad institutions for peoples of all cultures and spiritual backgrounds. Inextricably linked to the world's 3 such a lot renowned religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), Israel is steeped in heritage and clash, a lot of that is identified throughout the stories of biblical figures similar to Moses, David, Solomon, and, in fact, Jesus Christ.But how a lot of the Bible will be relied upon as exact historical past? and what sort of of the biblical checklist could be validated via archaeology? Esteemed professor, researcher, and writer Eric H. Cline of The George Washington college addresses those and different questions during this attention-grabbing sequence of lectures.

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Archaeological excavations at these sites have revealed layers of building and fortification remains that were dated to Solomon’s reign and which do in fact suggest, both by their large scale and similar design, that they were centralized (a royal building program, perhaps). So there may have been material evidence of Solomon’s accomplishments as a builder. On the other hand, this same evidence shows that his accomplishments were rather modest when compared with the kings of Egypt or Mesopotamia.

Then, sometime after about 720 BCE, it was surrounded by a formidable wall and transferred into a major administrative center—and it became the second most important city in Judah. In the Grip of the Neo-Assyrians LECTURE EIGHT Judah experienced a tremendous social evolution. There are archaeological indications of state formation, monumental inscriptions, seals and seal impressions marking private property, royal inscriptions for the administration, masonry and stone capitals used on public buildings, mass production of pottery vessels and other crafts, and central workshops and distribution throughout the countryside.

Descriptions of the Temple LECTURE FIVE The Temple itself presents a puzzle. The biblical description is not entirely clear and could be interpreted in a number of different ways, for the Bible’s description of the Temple is fairly inexact. The furniture and the utensils are described in minute details, but the building itself lacks detail except for a brief notice concerning its windows. However, descriptions of the internal aspects are described in tremendous detail: the doors to the inner sanctuary, side chambers, and so on.

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