A Guide to the Ethereal Plane (AD&D Planescape) by Bruce R. Cordell

By Bruce R. Cordell

In the airy airplane, demiplane islands and creatures either bizarre and unsafe flow in an never-ending box of danger. Canny fogeys be aware of that the airy additionally leads how one can the internal Planes, limitless arenas of elemental fury. See, it is greater than only a backdrop to different adventures - the aircraft itself bargains ask yourself and chance for people with braveness sufficient to discover its unlimited expanse.

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Elves, whose ancestors were brought from the shores of Xen’drik long before the elf–giant wars, know nothing of the Undying Court or the Tairnadal. There are nondragons never seen in Khorvaire, members of races that were exterminated by the giants or the daelkyr. The range of communities that can be found are dizzying. Some are metropolitan, with members of a dozen races living under one roof. Other communities are racially isolated, steadfastly preserving secrets of their forgotten cultures. Of course, all these creatures have one aspect in common: They live beneath the shadow of the dragon overlords.

Each of these deities is represented by a constellation in the night sky, and with the exception of Tiamat, it is believed that the Dragon Gods watch the world from a realm that stands beyond the thirteen . . a place that cannot be reached by any mortal magic. According to Thir, the Dragon Gods infl uence the affairs of dragons, but they have no time for lesser creatures. Humans, dwarves, and elves would sully the Dragon Gods with their prayers. Watching over lesser creatures is the role of the Sovereigns.

Sovereign: Olladra. Benefit: Bluff and Disguise are added to the list of class skills. A fortune’s fang can cast cleric spells and spells from the Feast, Luck, and Trickery domains as arcane spells. GUIDE OF THE WEAK The guide of the weak acts as a shepherd of the lesser creatures, moving among them and shaping their cultures. Although some are gentle beings who simply wish to help others, a guide can also be a ruthless tyrant who believes that imposing harsh order on his subjects is best for them.

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