A Brief History of Cuba by Rose Ana Berbeo

By Rose Ana Berbeo

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After being informed on them, all of the conspirators were arrested and their seditious plan aborted . Another event that worried the Batista regime was the assault on the Domingo Goicurfa barracks on April 29, 1956. About fifty men attacked at noon and tried to occupy the garrison. Most of the combatants were members of the Authentic Organization (OA), led by Reinold Garda. The action ended in a resounding defeat because the men were expected, which was evident by the outcome: seventeen of the attackers were killed and none wounded, while the army suffered no casualties.

Capitalists who had flocked to the island at an escalating rate, given that they controlled seventy percent of sugar production as well as its infrastructure and collateral businesses. The economic well-being derived from this process - evidenced by the sumptuous houses of EI Vedado - was not only very unequally distributed but also extraordinarily fragile. That was seen in 1920, when an abrupt fall in sugar 42 prices caused a banking crash that ruined Cuba's financial institutions. Shortly afterward, when national sugar production reached five million tons, it became evident that the markets were saturated, a clear indication that the Cuban economy could not continue growing exclusively on the basis of sugar.

The strike called for April 9th came to nothing, with serious losses for the revolutionary forces. Batista believe it was the moment for annihilating the rebellion, and in the summer, he launched an offensive of 10,000 men to attack the Sierra Maestra. In ferocious battles and combat - Santo Domingo, EIJiglie, Vegas de Jibacoa, and others the rebel troops defeated the dictatorship's battalions that managed to enter the mountains, forcing them to retreat. That was the definitive turning point. The parties of the bourgeois opposition, which until then had maneuvered to capitalize on the popular rebellion, rushed to recognize Fidel Castro's indisputable leadership.

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